Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Theft of Honor

One of the things that crosses my mind as I work with people is how often the idea of honor is forgotten in relationships of any kind. Marriages especially require us to honor and respect each other, but outside of marriages, the idea of treating others with dignity and respect seems to be at an all time low. What has happened? Human beings, no matter who we are have value and in that understanding, it is important to treat each other well.
When you go to the grocery store or to Costco, how often does it cross our minds to ask someone who is emptying out their cart if we can take it back in for them...especially if we are heading in that direction? Little things, which don't cost us much can mean a lot to another person. In marriage relationships I hear it all the time..."It isn't the big things, its the little things that matter". Those little things are the things we do for each other that make us feel as if we are important or respected or honored by another person. Saying please and thank you, asking rather than telling, smiling and don't freak out anyone...opening a door for another person.
Manners don't cost us anything, but they express volumes to the people in our lives who mean something to us. If you wouldn't treat your boss in a certain way, why would you treat your wife, husband or children in a way that is hurtful or disrespectful? Honestly, if we made even the smallest effort to be kind to one another we could make significant changes in our homes, our schools and our communities. I loved the whole "random acts of kindness" thing when it was going around and I really believe in those things. However, it means more when we treat our families with kindness.
Could I challenge you today? For the next week, do something at least once a day to be kind to someone you love. It doesn't have to be flamboyant....tell them they have a beautiful smile or they look especially nice today. Pick a flower from your garden and give it to your neighbor across the street or to the person who makes your coffee at the drive up. It's a great thing to do and it also makes you feel good! If you see a veteran at the restaurant you are having lunch at, buy their lunch or their coffee, just to say thank you.
If we pay kindness forward, it will eventually get back to us!

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